Part 2, Ch. 1 and 2

So somehow things are moving along faster for me in the reading experience. 

I spent a decent chunk of time on my porch trying to hang out outside and coax my escaped housecat home the past few days so maybe it was the sunshine?

(The cat is back.)

So Raskolnikov is home, post-murder. He checks himself over for blood spatter several times and keeps missing things. He is summoned to the police station, which is very tense and panicky and every detail is observed. But it turns out to just be about debts apparently, even though he was ready to confess it all a few times.

He has moments of clarity but his thoughts are still very jerky. You could have a drinking game with this book and the word “Suddenly” for sure.

There’s a funny (?) aside in the police station about how writers make bad customers and don’t pay their debts. 

At one point the men who almost caught Raskolnikov at Alyona’s door show up as he is leaving and Raskolnikov faints at the station. But he looks so raggedy and ill that no one gets suspicious. 

Ch 2

He is worried they will search his room so he gathers up all the evidence he can figure out is evidence (I’m not hopeful). He decides to throw it all in the river but then it seems too public so he hides it all under a rock in an alley way of a work site. 

He stops to finally see his friend Razumikhin and just as predicted the friend is nice and tries to split a prepaid translating job with him but Raskolnikov says no. Razumikhin is pretty sure he is really really sick and it’s useful to see him through a mostly reasonable seeming other character for once. 

I mean, Raskolnikov really is a mess. He almost gets run over by a horse and people pity him as a beggar. (He throws the charity kopecks in the river.) 

He gets home and is sure he hears the police questioning and beating his landlady but it’s all in his head. 

Interesting to me: more women here, the one who runs what sounds like a brothel, and Nastasya still bringing him food like an angel. But also the translation of the “Actually Women are Human” pamphlet. Ugh. 

Also the physical space of the bridges and rivers of St. Petersburg, the Winter Palace and St. Isaac’s cathedral which was very ornate and had just recently been finished when this was written. Lots of power on display in the background as he’s scuttling around in rags. 


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