Part 2, Ch 3

Fever time for Rodya.

Raskolnikov descends into fever and is ill and out of it for four days or so. We get bits of remembering, people coming and going, and more detail as he gets more well.

Major here is Razumizhin, the good guy friend from his student days. He seems like a Redeemer here to go along with Nastasya the attendant angel. He’s kind of a redeemer you CAN’T SAY NO to, as we see with him forcing Raskolnikov’s hand to sign things and forcefully changing his clothes. I’m annoyed enough with Raskolnikov that I don’t mind, but it does seem like Razumizhin has some boundary issues as a friend.

We get a few moments of Raskolnikov’s internal feelings, worrying he has told his secret in his fever, wanting to be alone, trying (in vain) to resist Razumizhin’s Mr. FixIt tendencies.

They drink beer and Raskolnikov fantasizes about running away to America. Such a nice place in 1866.

Money from Mom arrives (which we know she has gotten by borrowing against her pension, so that’s not great), and Razumizhin takes some of it and buys Raskolnikov all new clothes and is a somewhat adorable bargain hunter. He has also made deals by charming the landlady and Nastasya so Raskolnikov is off the hook for his debts and has credit again and loads of food to eat whenever he wants it. Very Christ-figure-y in places, you just know Jesus was probably popular with middle-aged landladies too.

He also has brought in a doctor, Zossimov, who it seems like was one of their student friends back in the day. It ends with Zossimov arriving.

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