Part 2, ch 7 

So the carriage just ran over Marmeladov, the drunk and wasteful dad who told us about his innocent and beautiful daughter Sonya who became a prostitute way back in Part 1, chapter 2. 

Raskolnikov feels very excited that he recognizes him and tells the crowd where he lives and offers to pay for absolutely everything and generally has terrible boundaries. 

Katerina Ivanovna, his wife, is telling her not-yet-a-prostitute younger daughter about how things were nice before she married a drunk and ended up poor. She’s super clean and loves doing laundry even though they all just have one outfit. 

As soon as they bring him in she starts tending to him and yells at the gawking neighbors to leave. Raskolnikov offers to pay for everything again and again. A doctor comes who is extremely non-hopeful and a priest comes. The kids all pray with their mom and Sonya the prostitute daughter shows up in her work clothes and her dad dies in her arms.

Raskolnikov leaves and the younger sister comes out and hugs him and gets his information because he just gave them a bunch of money. She strikes him as super innocent and pure and he’s covered in blood now for what he feels is a good reason (helping people) and his will to live comes back hugely. 

He goes to Razumikhin’s party but gets tired. They go back to his house and see lights on in his closet. Is it the police? Nope, it’s his mom and sister who he totally should have remembered were coming. They have been worried about him and he passes out under their care. Razumikhin carries him to bed in front of them and they think he’s super nice. 

And so ends Part 2! 

Image found here.


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