Part 3, Ch 1 & 2

So, Raskolnikov has now slept off Razumikhin’s party. He wakes up to find Razumikhin talking to his mom and sister.

The names in this book cause me some trouble, because everyone has more than one version of their name and sometimes they’re all interchangeable. The mother is Pulcheria Alexandrovna and the sister is Avdotya Romanovna and Raskolnikov is Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov but also Rodya and Rodka. And the sister we called Dunya is also Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikov and nicknamed Dunechka. I printed off a basic character list but probably should have done one with the full names. It’s hard to find them without major spoilers on them, though, so I kind of hesitate. Anyway I mostly held it together but then randomly the mom and sister started calling Razumikhin by a different name: Dmitri Prokofych. It took me a minute to figure out it really was just the same old Razumikhin we have been seeing all this time. This is mostly fine for me as an adult reader but I can’t imagine how annoying it would be teaching it to unwilling or only semi-willing students. Blargh.

Anyway, it’s been three years, and the mom and sister are looking forward to seeing him but he’s pretty grouchy with them and just tells Dunya definitely not to marry her fiance Pyotr Petrovich (Luzhin). He says she’s only marrying him (Luzhin) for his (Raskolnikov’s) sake and he won’t have it. Razumikhin walks the mom and sister back to their extremely shady apartment that Luzhin has rented for them. Along the way….

He basically falls in love with Dunya. And he’s transparent enough to make it pretty clear. He promises them info and updates about Raskolnikov’s health progress and that he will come back with the doctor-friend Zossimov.

He also has a great aside about how lying is great because it’s what separates us from the animals. 🙂 Love our old friend Raz.

He obviously does NOT like Luzhin either and backs up Raskolnikov’s point (if not his method).

We get a long description of Dunya as a beautiful, poor, virtuous, sensible heroine. Also a lot about the mom.

Razumikhin tries to convince Zossimov to hang out with the landlady so she will get a crush on him (Z) instead of him (Raz). He suggests Zossimov could teach her integral calculus, literally anything will entertain her.

In chapter 2 Razumikhin wakes up and worries he has made an ass of himself mooning over Dunya and/or been rude to her about her boyfriend. He punches a brick kitchen stove because male anger.

Then we get an interesting bit of time inside Razumikhin’s head for a while instead of Raskolnikov. I have to admit I was actually kind of relieved.

He and Zossimov talk about Raskolnikov’s prognosis. Zossimov is studying “monomaniacs” so naturally that is where the conversation goes.

Razumikhin talks to the mom and sister again, trying to be a little cooler this time, and speculates that Raskolnikov’s problem is that there are “two opposite characters in him, changing places with each other” which is kind of great. The mom and sister are VERY interested in getting Razumikhin’s take on how Rodya is doing. They ask him all sorts of things you would think his family would know as well or better than a friend, like whether he is “unable to love” or not.

Razumikhin hints at some back story that Raskolnikov had been in love and/or engaged to the landlady’s daughter Zarnitsyn who was apparently very homely and not particularly nice in various ways. But then she died before the wedding and the mother says how they dodged a bullet. (Dunya’s a little nicer about it.) The mom straight up asks Razumikhin what he thinks of Dunya’s boyfriend (again this is pretty striking since they just met him but I guess the situation here has made them trust him). Once they get his two cents (that he’s sorry he was so rude about him before and probably he isn’t THAT bad if gorgeous angel Dunya likes him…) the mom reveals that they’ve had a letter from Luzhin.

Luzhin’s letter, reprinted in full, says that he doesn’t want to see Raskolnikov and he’s super mad at him so to make SURE Raskolnikov is not at their apartment when he drops by. He also tells them how Raskolnikov gave away all the money the mom sent (which she could not afford and had had to borrow against her pension or something like that) to the prostitute / dead-drunk-dad family.

The mom wants to do what Luzhin said. Dunya wants to do the opposite of what Luzhin said.

We also get told out of nowhere how Dunya has a really fancy gold and enamel watch-necklace thing which is at odds with her very plain and worn clothing.

They try to decide what to do (whether or not to bar Rodya from coming over in case Luzhin comes over) and then Razumikhin offers to go check if Raskolnikov is even up yet. And so ends chapter 2 of part 3.




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