Part 3, Chapter 5

(Please disregard the fact that my last entry was in September of 2016 and it is now January of 2017! This book has been hard for me to get through. I tried listening to some of the chapters via the free Librivox audiobook, but wasn’t retaining the information well. So here I am again, pencil and hardback book in hand. Luckily it wasn’t hard to catch up since I had recaps written of the previous chapters. Although I still fell asleep part-way through this chapter, if I’m being honest. Finished it at last.)

So in this scene Raskolnikov and his faithful friend Razumikhin go to Porfiry Petrovich’s office to ask about getting back the items that Raskolnikov had pawned with Alyona Ivanovna before killing her.

You get a pretty good “split screen” feeling with both Raskolnikov’s inner thoughts vs. his outer words and actions (and those of the others, including Zamyotov who is at Porfiry Petrovich’s office even though they weren’t expecting him).

They go and chat a bit about the items. Raskolnikov tries to keep it all light but Porfiry Petrovich starts questioning him about an article he wrote, which had been published even though he didn’t realize it had been. In it Raskolnikov had talked about the nature of crime, and explained the beginning of a theory that truly great extraordinary people are above the usual moral rights and wrongs of society in accomplishing their true mission.

Both Petrovich and Zamyotov think this sounds ripe for abuse (duh) and Petrovich even asks Raskolnikov directly if it would justify killing, and if he (Rask) considers himself one of these extraordinary people.

Petrovich tries to trick Raskolnikov into saying he saw painters at Alyona’s apartment building (which were there the day of the murder) rather than movers (2 days later). It doesn’t work.

Raskolnikov and Razumikhin leave the apartment, but much less happy than they went in.






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