Part 3, Chapter 6

This chapter went a bit faster for me.

So Razumikhin and Raskolnikov are walking back from the interview with Petrovich. Razumikhin is loyally offended that Petrovich and Zamyotov had sort of hinted at Raskolnikov being the killer. Raskolnikov sort of debates whether the hinting is actually a good sign for him that they DON’T have any real evidence. 
They are going to his mom and sister’s apartment but he stops and wants to go back alone to his own apartment so he does. He double checks he didn’t leave any evidence in the wall-hole and there’s nothing there. While he’s walking in a random “tradesman” was asking for him – when he follows the guy he says “You are a murderer!” which seems like kind of a big deal.

After that Raskolnikov has another very Virginia Woolfesque moment of stream of consciousness that is pretty neat for how old this book is. 

Razumikhin and Nastasya check on him but he pretends to be asleep. 
Raskolnikov then really does go to sleep and dreams that guy draws him to an apartment where he reenacts the murder. It’s very creepy.

Then he wakes up and sees a man standing in his doorway. The man comes in and sits and says his name is Arkady Ivanovich Svidrigailov. 

And so ends Part 3! 


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