Part 4, Chapter 1

Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov talk after Svidrigailov’s sudden and dramatic appearance in his apartment.

Svidrigailov tells Raskolnikov there is more than one side to the story of him propositioning his sister. He specifically says — “what is there in all this, in the thing itself, that is so especially criminal on my part” which sounds a lot like Raskolnikov’s article making murder okay.

He also says his “conscience is entirely at rest” about his wife’s death, similarly chilling. He talks about how seldom he beat her (!!) and how women actually like being insulted deep down (!!!).

He talks about his dead wife Marfa and about how he himself is a sort of victim in all of this misunderstanding.

He says she has come to him as a ghost 3 times. Also his “household serf” Filka who had just coincidentally accidentally died right after they had a bad quarrel was a ghost one time too.

He says he and Raskolnikov are “apples from the same tree” which does seem somewhat accurate. He points out neither of them wants Raskolnikov’s sister to marry Luzhin. He offers to meet with her, ask her forgiveness for their previous problem (him propositioning her) and give her 10,000 roubles. Raskolnikov says he won’t tell her, he’s still too mad and insulted. Svidrigailov says he should at least tell her she got 3,000 roubles in his dead wife’s will.

On his way out the door he runs into Razumikhin.


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