Part 4, Chapter 2

Finally some plot! And dialogue! And Dunya being strong and awesome!

Razumikhin and Raskolnikov head over to Dunya and the mom’s apartment. Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin (PPL from here on out because these names are killing me) had said that he wouldn’t meet with Dunya and the mom unless Raskolnikov wasn’t there so inviting them all at one is Dunya’s first strong gesture.

PPL gets there around the same time and it’s awkward right away.

He asks if they’ve adjusted well and they say no, that Razumikhin has helped them a lot. PPL drops the news that Svidrigailov (who had propositioned Dunya when he was her boss) is in town after his wife’s death. He gives more backstory / rumors about how bad Svid is, how many of his former employees have died suspiciously (and now his wife too). No one can really pin anything on him but there’s a lot of shady background.

Raskolnikov blows everyone’s minds by saying Svid just visited him at his apartment.

He tells Dunya about the 3000 roubles and won’t say the rest in front of Luzhin.

Luzhin (PPL) gets mad at this point and there’s a sort of stand-off because he won’t talk to Dunya in front of Raskolnikov and Raskolnikov won’t talk about the Svid money to Dunya in front of PPL.

At this point Dunya finally gets the microphone and she is awesome. She tells both Raskolnikov and PPL that they have to resolve this if anything is going to work out in the future. PPL is really mad about this ultimatum and Dunya tells him he’s being ridiculous. There’s a big extended argument between all of them and finally PPL reacts badly and Dunya tells him to get out and leave and not come back.

PPL is very unpleasant – he hints that they all owe him money, and that there were rumors about Dunya that he could stir up again. The rumors part makes Razumikhin super mad which is again a sign of his endearing and cute love for Dunya.

PPL leaves feeling like he still has a shot with Dunya anyway.


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