Part 4, Chapter 3

Another very plotty and dialogue-filled chapter, and thus a quicker feel to the read. 

So at first we get to hear the just-broken-up-with Luzhin’s feelings. Dostoevsky describes him without much value judgment, yet the things we are told make him sound narcissistic and repellent. 

His plan to marry Dunya is especially gross — he wanted someone poor so they would have slavish devotion to him always. We get an explanation of why narcissistic egomaniacs pursue relationships with women who are poor or disadvantaged in some way. This is especially gross reading after the 2016 US Presidential election. Ugh. 

Then the narration moves over to Dunya’s apartment where she, the mom (Pulcheria Alexandrovna which I apparently hate typing out since I always say “the mom” instead), Raskolnikov and Razumikhin are all celebrating the fact that Dunya has dumped Luzhin. 

Raskolnikov tells everyone about Svidrigailov’s offer of 10,000 roubles for Dunya and they are all horrified. Razumikhin gives everyone his great idea that they sink 2,000 roubles (half of it from Dunya’s inheritance from Svidrigailov’s dead wife Maria Petrovna and half of it borrowed from Razumikin’s uncle) to start a small publishing firm. Razumikhin claims he knows enough people to get them started and is smart with translating, which we already knew. 

Dunya likes this idea and she and Razumikhin are exchanging sparkly eyes. 

Raskolnikov also likes this plan because it ties up a lot of loose ends for him. He tells his mom and sister he now needs to just have some quality alone time and leave them for a while. They are sad and confused – he sounds sort of suicidal and they are worried. 

He leaves. 

Razumikhin meets him in the hallway and they have this big moment together where Raskolnikov basically charges Razumikhin with taking care of his mom and sister forever and not taking care of him anymore. Also they have this unspoken moment where it seems like Razumikhin maybe understands that Raskolnikov was the killer. Or maybe not. He realizes something. 

They part ways.


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