Part 4, Chapter 4

Raskolnikov leaves his sister and mom and Razumikhin and heads straight to Sonya’s apartment. It’s a rented room among other rented rooms, long description of the sordid details and architecture.

He talks to her for a long time. First he asks about her landlord and family, then about why she hasn’t commuted suicide yet (nice guy), then about her half-siblings and what their fate will be when their mom (her stepmother Katerina Ivanovna) dies of consumption. Sonya doesn’t know what will happen but had some faith that God won’t let anything too bad happen.

Raskolnikov is skeptical. He makes her read the Bible story of Lazarus to him. She’s devout.

He kisses her foot, tells her he’s done with his family and only cares about her now, and invites her to run away with him. She thinks he is nuts (I’m with you Sonya). He tells her he might never come back but if he does come back tomorrow he will tell her who killed Lizaveta (who she knew).

He leaves and the narrator gives us the scoop that evil Svidrigailov has been eavesdropping the whole time from the room nextdoor.



Image of Sonya and Raskolnikov from a 2010 play of C&P by The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis found here


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