Part 4, Chapter 6 (end of part 4)

Just then a raving person named Nikolai comes bursting into Porfiry Petrovich’s office and confesses to the killings.

We are told from the beginning of the chapter that we are only going to get Raskolnikov’s memory of what happened, but in that (this) version, Porfiry (the police officer) keeps saying things during Nikolai’s confession that make it sound staged.

Raskolnikov leaves without getting his surprise.

He heads to Sonya’s father’s funeral / memorial meal but as he’s leaving his apartment, in walks the creepy guy who had said “You murderer!” to him the day before.

It turns out that guy doesn’t actually know anything and he was Porfiry’s surprise.

So Raskolnikov is greatly cheered that Porfiry actually doesn’t have any good evidence against him. His only sad feelings are that he himself has been so full of doubt and weakness. He seems untroubled about Nikolai’s confession, maybe because he feels he’s been planted and won’t be punished? Maybe he just doesn’t care.

End of Part 4


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