Part 5, Chapter 1

Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin (PPL, former fiance of Dunya, Raskolnikov’s sister) is in his apartment the morning after breaking up with Dunya.

His roommate (who used to be his ward) Andrei Semynovich Lebezyatnikov (ASL) is also there.

ASL is a communist and PPL likes to make him talk about it. ASL also knows Sonya’s family – the stepmother has invited him and PPL by extension, to the memorial meal for Sonya’s dead father.

We get a lot of ASL’s discussion of communist goals / ideals. He’s a zealot, trying to convince everyone to join his cause and have free love and no oppression. He has been working with Sonya one on one but not being romantic with her which PPL finds insane since Sonya is working as a prostitute. “Environment is everything and man himself is nothing.” “What is noble is whatever is useful for mankind!” etc

PPL gets ASL to bring Sonya in. She keeps wanting to leave, and looking at PPL’s money and jewelry. He says he won’t come to the meal but gives her 10 roubles to help with the family finances. He talks about giving more money but says the stepmother is too crazy to handle the money well so only Sonya should manage it.

Sonya leaves. ASL praises PPL for giving money to her and talks about how if he had a wife he would bring her a lover to show how much he respected her.


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