Part 5, Ch. 3

Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin does show up at the end of Katerina Ivanovna’s memorial dinner for her dead husband, but he brushes her off and asks to talk to Sonya.

He accuses her of stealing 100 roubles in cash when she visited him. He goes through the whole story in front of the crowd.

She says she took nothing and gives him back the 10 roubles he had given her. Katerina Ivanovna throws it in his face.

Katerina Ivanovna yells that he should search Sonya and pulls open her pockets. A 100-rouble bill falls out, folded up in 8ths.

Sonya freezes, KI defends her as innocent, the crowd pities KI, and PPL suddenly says he’ll graciously forget the whole thing.

Just then, Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov (ASL, the ward person communist PPL has been staying with who we just recently met) comes in from eavesdropping in the doorway and calls PPL a slanderer. Way to be, ASL! He says he saw him slip it into her pocket as she was leaving, and tells his own detailed version of events. The crowd is on his side. The one thing he can’t figure out is why PPL would do it in the first place.

Raskolnikov steps forward. We haven’t heard from you for a while, Rodion. Let’s hear it. He explains the whole backstory with Dunya rejecting PPL and says this whole thing was to discredit Sonya and make Raskolnikov’s family fight with him again (since they were pro-Sonya after he explained what he used the money for, giving it to the family for the funeral).

ASL agrees this version checks out.

PPL huffs out, everyone is yelling, Sonya runs home, Katerina Ivanovna picks a fight with the landlady Amalia Ivanovna, who says she’s evicting them, KI leaves her kids there, Raskolnikov heads off to find Sonya and “see what she has to say now.”

Well, it wasn’t a boring chapter!




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