Part 5, Ch 4

Lots more drama. Raskolnikov goes to Sonya’s apartment and hints about, then confesses that he killed Lizaveta (who Sonya was friends with) and Alyona.

There is a ton of dialogue between them. He changes his mind a bunch of times.

She starts hugging and kissing him and making up virtuous reasons he might have killed them, but he keeps going back and forth and saying really he did it for selfish reasons, basically to see if he would/could do it or not.

He compares himself to some mute inglorious Napoleon.

She suggests he should go confess in the street and go do hard labor.

He had thought he would feel better after telling her but apparently he just feels worse because now she’s all tortured knowing the truth.

As he’s about to leave Lebezyatnikov (ASL, Luzhin’s communist roommate person) knocks on the door.

Image of Sonya and Raskolnikov found here.


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