Part 5, Chapter 5 (last of Part 5)

Lebezyatnikov (Luzhin’s roommate) tells them that Katerina Ivanovna (Sonya’s stepmother) has gone bonkers at the memorial meal. She’s telling everyone that she and her children will be begging in the streets.

Sonya leaves and Lebezyatnikov talks to Raskolnikov about how people should be more logical and reason away their sadness and madness.

Raskolnikov goes back to his apartment alone. He apparently feels more lonely than ever before in his life. And maybe he hates Sonya now too.

Dunya shows up (Avdotya Romanovna, Raskolnikov’s sister). She says Razumikhin (Dmitri Prokofych) has filled him in about the suspicions, etc, and she’ll do anything for him. He tells her Razumikhin is a good guy and worth of love. She blushes but also worries this means it’s his final goodbye. She leaves.

He leaves the apartment.

Lebezyatnikov finds him and says he and Sonya found Katerina and sure enough she was out banging pots and making her children sing to beg money in the streets. They go to check it out.

She’s singing and coughing (consumption is getting bad) and clapping and making her kids dance and yelling at people in the crowd. This is not great. The kids have half done costumes and are crying. A man in a uniform gives them 3 roubles. The younger kids run to a policeman together. Katerina falls chasing them, and starts coughing up blood and everyone thinks she’s dying.

Sonya tells everyone to bring her to her (Sonya’s) nearby apartment. The kids are found and brought too. Svidrigailov also shows up here (?).

Katerina goes in and out of consciousness, saying bits of poetry, different languages, asking the children to dance – it kind of sounds like parts of The Waste Land in places actually. (Again reminding me that Virginia Woolf loved this book.)

She dies.

Svidrigailov pulls Raskolnikov aside and says he will pay for the funeral, place the younger kids in orphanages and give them some money for when they come of age, and tells him to tell his sister that is how he is using “her ten thousand.”

Raskolnikov realizes in this conversation that Svidrigailov had overheard everything he said to Sonya, which included his confession (I think). Svidrigailov reveals that he lives on the other side of the (thin) wall. Since he knows his secret he says they’ll get much closer now “You’ll see what a congenial man I am…” as the chapter (and part) closes.


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