Part 6, Chapter 1


Raskolnikov is in rough shape.

He has been unaware of what’s happening, wandering around, remembering now and then about Svidrigailov probably knowing his secret.

Svidrigailov has met up with him a few times at Sonya’s apartment.

There’s a memorial service for Katerina.

On the day of her funeral he is home when Razumikhin comes in. He says he’s there to figure out once and for all if Raskolnikov is really mad. He says Raskolnikov’s mom is sick. He says they all came by but when Raskolnikov wasn’t there they assumed he was with Sonya, who they think is his mistress.

Raskolkikov tells Razumikhin he should love Dunya always.

Razumikhin tells Raskolnikov two important things: that Dunya got a letter that has really made her upset and also that the murderer has been found — “it was one of those workmen, those painters” and he has confessed.

It turns out Porfiry Petrovich is the one who told Razumikhin this, so Raskolnikov is convinced it is a trap. Razumikhin leaves.

Just then Porfiry comes to Raskolnikov’s apartment. Raskolnikov invites him to sit down.


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