Part 6, Ch 2 & 3

Porfiry Petrovich, police detective, sits in Raskolnikov’s apartment. He says he came by 2 days ago and looked around because it was unlocked.

He says they should be frank. He talks a lot about confessions. Hints that he thinks Raskolnikov is innocent but then outlines the whole history of why he thinks Raskolnikov is guilty. He mentions knowing that “the things” (evidence) are hidden under a stone in a kitchen garden. He talks about how the painter Mikolka who has confessed the crime is just lying because he wants to embrace suffering. But then he says definitely Mikolka did not do it.

Raskolnikov says, then who did?

Porfiry Petrovich says “What? Who killed them? … But you did.”

He tries to get Raskolnikov to confess, talks about how it would lighten his sentence, especially since there is another person admitting to the crime.

But he does not arrest Raskolnikov because he still wants more time to go by. He does say he might arrest him in the next few days. He also suggests if Raskolnikov commits suicide he should leave a nice detailed note. Chilling!

Chapter 3 begins with Raskolnikov trying to figure out if Svidrigailov has TOLD Porfiry about overhearing his confession or not. He meets with him at a very run down bar in a back room.

He decides if Svidrigailov is planning to hurt or manipulate Dunya in some way he will kill him.

It seems that Svidrigailov has also been visiting Raskolnikov and had told him to meet him here. This is weird because Raskolnikov doesn’t know why he ended up here, so maybe Svidrigailov is somehow controlling him. They end up talking for a while about human depravity and Raskolnikov tells him he’ll kill him if he has bad plans for Dunya. Svidrigailov says oh on the contrary, Dunya is the one who is “saving” him at the moment and offers to explain more about how.


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