Part 6, Ch 4 & 5

Svidrigailov tells Raskolnikov a bunch of (his version) of the backstory with Marfa Petrovna (his much older wife) and the deal they struck about how he could have lots of affairs and generally sexually harass all of their staff.

Dunya as their governess had stuck up for other staff he had been bothering.

Svidrigailov gives lots of super revolting commentary on how he would seduce people. He claims Dunya urged him to pursue her (ugh).

Then Svidrigailov talks about a new marriage he has lined up with a 16 year old from a family who needs money. He’s about 50 now, so this whole explanation is incredibly stomach-turning. Raskolnikov is also grossed out.

Svidrigailov heads out and Raskolnikov tries to follow him.

Chapter 5 begins with Raskolnikov following him but he shakes him off quickly. Then he (Svidrigailov) sees Dunya on a bridge. He gets her to follow him back to his apartment without telling Raskolnikov (who is also on the bridge but apparently doesn’t see either of them?).

He’s the one who wrote the letter that was troubling her, and she follows him up to his secluded apartment with no neighbors home.

He explains to her all about Raskolnikov’s confession to Sonya which he had eavesdropped and heard through the thin walls. He offers to get Raskolnikov a passport and for all of them (Raskolnikov, Dunya, their mom, and Svidrigailov) to go away together and avoid Raskolnikov’s arrest and conviction.

There is a horrible standoff where he threatens to attack her but then she pulls a gun on him and then she misses once and it misfires once and then she throws it down and then he begs her to love him and she says she can’t and then he suddenly gives her the key to get out of the room and lets her go free.

Svidrigailov picks up the gun, which has one shot left, and leaves too.


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