Part 6, Ch 7 & 8 (The End!)

Raskolnikov visits his mom at her apartment. The two of them have some nice moments together even though she knows he’s about to face something terrible. He tells her he loves her and they weep. “Mama, whatever happens, whatever you hear about me, whatever they tell you about me, will you still love me as you do now?”

She does end up annoying him though and he leaves for his own apartment, where he finds his sister.

He knows she knows, and she encourages him to turn himself in, that he can still have a life with pride and honesty. He waffles some because he keeps wishing his plan had worked out “because the whole idea was by no means as stupid as it seems now that it failed (everything that fails seems stupid!)”.

In Chapter 8 (the last chapter of the book except for the Epilogue) he goes to Sonya’s. Everyone is sure, including Dunya, that Sonya will follow him to Siberia if he confesses and somehow “be with him” in his exile.

She tries to go with him to the police station. He shakes her off and goes and mixes with the crowd, trying to savor and memorize what freedom among crowds feels like. He kisses the ground in the public square as she had suggested, and he sees she’s watching him.

He goes up to the police station, but not to Porfiry Petrovich, but Gunpowder. Gunpowder is chatty and tells him that Svidrigailov committed suicide that day.

Raskolnikov is shocked and leaves, but then he sees Sonya outside, goes back in and confesses.

The End.



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