The Epilogue


The Epilogue is in two parts.

The first recounts Raskolnikov’s confession and trial.

Dunya and Razumikhin are married.

Raskolnikov and Dunya’s mother goes pretty crazy with missing him and idolizing him and eventually dies.

Sonya does go with him to Siberia and hangs out with him being her timid, gentle, super-nice-to-everyone definitely-not-a-prostitute-anymore self. He’s a jerk to her for a while.

But then he gets sick…

Part Two of the Epilogue: He is still mad that he confessed and sees his crime as not a real problem. He is sick from wounded pride. He wishes he had committed suicide like Svidrigailov.

But then he finds out that SONYA is sick! Sweet timid wonderful Sonya who makes Christmas pies for the whole prison. He has a dream that everyone on earth is dying from  a weird pestilence except for a few chosen people.

Then it turns out Sonya only had a cold.

And she comes to him while he is doing his apparently not that hard hard labor, sitting and looking over the cliffs. He takes her hand and she is prepared for him to be gruff and horrible as usual but then surprise he isn’t horrible!

Surprise, he loves her after all! He has a complete resurrection and they are both so excited that it’s only seven more years until he is free.

He reads the Bible which she totally left with him but NEVER nagged him about, ever.

And now he’s wonderful just like she always was, because she never gave up.

The End.

I really hope this ending is just to please his 1800s audience because honestly it’s pretty terrible.

But I’m done with this book that has been on my list forever.



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